Community Outreach

The County of Union in cooperation with the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority (NJTPA) and the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) recognize that community participation is an integral part of all stages of projects, therefore a comprehensive Public Involvement Action Plan (PIAP) (PDF - 515KB) has been developed for this project.   An outreach program has been developed for this LCD phase of the project to include local officials, community stakeholders, agency representatives, and the general public in the transportation improvement development process.

Community Outreach Strategies include:

• Public Involvement Action Plan (PIAP)
• Local Officials Briefings
• Community Stakeholder Meetings
• Public Information Center Meetings
• Project Specific Website
• Project Information Handouts, Project Portfolios and Mailings

As part of the Community Outreach effort, numerous meetings will be held to share project information, obtain input and broad based support for bridge improvements from the local officials, community stakeholders, and the general public.

The primary tasks of stakeholders are to assist in the development of the Project Purpose and Need Statement, assist in the development of conceptual alternatives, identify possible fatal flaws, and to assist in the recommendation of the Preliminary Preferred Alternative (PPA) based on the Project Purpose and Need.

Community Outreach Documents:

Community Outreach Meetings: